Steam Coils

NorthStock, Inc. is a leader in the replacement steam coil market. NorthStock, Inc. understands that many steam coil replacements are emergencies. If you can't find a steam coil for your application using one of our standard offerings below, we can provide competitive quotes fast! All quotes include pricing for standard and expedited production cycles. Detailed steam coil as-built drawings are provided during order entry for your final check and approval. Our experts spend the extra time required to ensure your replacement steam coil is a perfect fit.

If you can't find a steam coil that meets your application by using our standard product offerings below, follow these simple steps to quickly receive a quote:

Step 1: Download and print these blank coil templates here: Blank Coil Templates

Step 2: Complete the appropriate steam coil template e-mail it to

Steam Coil Standard Features:

  • 5/8” O.D. X .020” copper tube wall thickness as standard

  • 1” O.D. X .035” copper tube wall thickness as standard

  • Tempered aluminum die-formed plate fins available with corrugated or flat surfaces with a waffle edge and extruded fin collars

  • 16-gauge G-90 galvanized sheet steel casing

  • Heights up to 48” in a single supply connection

  • Fin spacing ranges from 4 FPI to 14 FPI

  • Tubes are mechanically expanded into the fins

  • Tube sheets are die-formed and full collared and are full coil depth

  • Connections can be exactly matched to existing coil or piping arrangement

  • Leak-tested in a water tank

Steam Coil Custom Options:

  • Special fin materials

  • Special copper tubing

  • Special casing depths

  • Stainless steel casings

  • Insulated coil boxes

  • Drain pans

  • Pitched casings

  • Special coatings on fins and casings

  • Custom crating

  • High silver content brazing material. Hand-brazed inside and outside the coil.