An industrial portable air dryer can be used to dry objects and spaces quickly and cost-effectively, reducing downtime after cleaning—or after an unexpected rain or accidental spill. These units are lightweight and easy to move around your facility or transport to a job site. At NorthStock, we carry XPOWER parts and air dryers, which are known for being quiet, rugged, and durable. Take a closer look at the XPOWER air mover parts and units we have available, including the replacement multi-hose kit and replacement filter kit:

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About Portable Air Dryers

The XPOWER portable air dryer is available in two three-speed models: the X-800TF-MDK at 7.5 amps and 3200 CFM and the X-430TF-MDK at 3.8 amps and 2000 CFM. Both models feature the multi-drying hose kit—three hoses extending up to eight feet, allowing you to dry your space from various angles to speed up the process or to dry multiple objects at once. The non-slip adjustable opening on each hose and four drying positions (0°, 20° kickstand, 45°, and 90°) offer precise air control where you need it most, while a 20-foot power cord gives you additional maneuverability. You can also easily remove the hose kit to convert the unit into a utility fan for drying and ventilation. These portable air dryers are backed by a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty. 

Safety features include the use of room temperature air, dual thermal protection, a three-hour timer, and the ETL/CETL safety certification. These commercial and industrial units are built to run efficiently with minimal maintenance, reducing your workload and the risk of downtime. The double-filter system protects the brushless, low-maintenance motor from dust and debris and is easy to clean. The filters simply snap off, and they're fully washable. Replacement filter kits are available. 

XPOWER parts are built to last. The housing on these portable air dryers is made of injection-molded ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which offers exceptional strength, impact resistance, and corrosion and abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, the drying hoses are made of highly flexible vinyl with a metal inner support coil to facilitate hose expansion and prevent collapse. If and when the drying hoses break down, you can simply replace the hose kit without having to replace your entire unit. 

At NorthStock, we include a wealth of information about XPOWER air mover parts, including availability and lead time, photos and descriptions, installer's guides and other product literature, and low, factory-direct pricing on new portable air dryers (never used or refurbished). Compatible accessories and replacement kits are listed on the product page. Special pricing is available on high-volume orders; please contact us in advance.

Our goal is always to help you make an informed decision and get the products you need as quickly as possible, which is why we offer fast, free shipping on every order in the lower 48 states. For even faster service, you can choose expedited shipping at checkout. Our team carefully reviews every order for inconsistencies—if we spot something that could be a mistake, we contact you before fulfilling the order to ensure everything is as you intended. 

XPOWER has more than 25 years of experience in the development of air-moving solutions, and they use the most advanced technology to create lightweight, reliable units that offer the power and versatility you need for your drying applications. NorthStock is proud to include XPOWER air mover parts in our extensive inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation products. Contact us to learn more about portable air dryers or place an order for your XPOWER parts today.