NorthStock is proud to offer a wide selection of Modine convectors. Modine is one of the most trusted names in HVAC manufacturing, and they make their convectors in the USA. Whether you choose floor-mounted or fully recessed, a flat top, or a sloped top, you can rest assured your Modine convector will heat your space quickly for years to come.

You'll notice Modine convectors in schools, office buildings, hallways, lobbies, waiting areas, and more, often mounted on exterior walls or beneath large windows, where they're prized for their sleek, unobtrusive appearance and high efficiency. Take a look at the Modine convectors we have available.


About Hydronic Convectors

Convection heat takes advantage of the way warm and cool air naturally circulates in a room: the convector draws the cool air in through the bottom of the unit and warms it. That warm air rises and is released through the top of the convector. As that warm air starts to cool down, it drops back toward the floor—where the convector draws it in again. Since there is no fan to push the air, hydronic convector heaters are quieter and often more efficient than many other heating solutions.

You'll see a list of options with every Modine convector listing so you can customize your unit, along with extensive information about the product so you know exactly what you're buying.

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