Roof exhaust fans remove hot or contaminated air from a  building to create a safer, more comfortable environment inside. You'll find them in various commercial and industrial applications, including schools, medical centers, restaurant kitchens, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

When choosing a roof ventilation fan, you have to consider what type of space you're ventilating (whether it's important to remove hot air and humidity, fumes, vapors, contaminants, or general ventilation) and how large the space is. In a commercial kitchen, for example, upblast exhaust fans, most commonly seen as range hood exhaust fans, are essential to remove smoke, grease, and odors; downblast fans can be used in other applications for basic ventilation. Heavy duty belt drive roof fans are good for large volumes of air and high static pressure, while direct drive fans are better for lower volumes and lower pressure.

Noise is another consideration. In a manufacturing plant, you can have a noisier roof fan since the machines are already loud. In a classroom or a hotel room, for example, you'll want to choose something quieter. Dig into the details of the many roof mount exhaust fans we have available, and find the ideal unit for your building.

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