Portable air conditioners are essential for spot cooling and emergency cooling needs. If your primary system goes down or if a hot spot develops in your building, a portable cooler can save the day in commercial kitchens, hospitals, garages, laboratories, equipment rooms or data centers, on a movie set, or even in a crowded office where overheated employees (and equipment) have a hard time focusing on work. Koldwave has built a reputation on their reliable, rugged portable air- and water-cooled air conditioning solutions. Built to withstand the most extreme conditions, Koldwave AC units are a go-to solution for temporary cooling in offices and challenging industrial settings.

Northstock is proud to carry Koldwave air conditioners and Koldwave OEM parts. Learn more about the diverse range of portable cooling products Koldwave has to offer.

With more than 60 years of industry experience, Koldwave understands the unique spot cooling needs for a variety of applications, and their extensive line of products demonstrates that understanding. With capacities ranging from 6,300 to 360,000 BTU/HR and one of the longest warranties in the industry, Koldwave air conditioners are built to last in a variety of challenging environments—and they're quiet enough for an office, classroom, or conference room. The company's ongoing research and innovation ensures they will continue to provide top-of-the-line portable cooling solutions for years to come, taking advantage of and implementing advancements in energy efficiency and cost-effective design.

If you have a water source available, the Koldwave water-cooled portable air conditioners are easy to use, as they don't require ducting, and they're slightly more efficient than an air-cooled system. If there is no chilled, condenser, or process water loop, but you can easily duct the warm air out of the room, an air-cooled portable AC can offer more cooling power. Either way, Koldwave has a variety of durable, dependable models to choose from, and they don't stop there.

You have the option to choose a unit with cooling, heating, and/or dehumidifying capabilities, giving you more versatility within one machine. Ideal for four-seasons climate regions with unpredictable temperature changes, you can offer supplementary or emergency heating and cooling with one durable, portable unit. Hanging, stacking, and portable attachment kits for select models provide a variety of ways to use and position your Koldwave AC within your space. Depending upon your chosen model, you'll appreciate thoughtful features like digital controls, washable filters, compressor overload protection, anti-freeze thermostats, automatic restart, off-timers, and so much more.

Koldwave offers exceptional customer support backed by their decades of experience. They carefully choose their distributors and equip them with the information and market insight we need to best serve our customers. We're delighted to have a long-standing relationship with a manufacturer that fully understands the industry and their customers' needs.

Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts, Koldwave was acquired by Mestek, Inc. in 1995. As part of this family of specialty HVAC manufacturers, Koldwave products meet stringent quality standards, and the company follows best manufacturing practices for safety, efficiency, and quality control.

In addition to portable Koldwave AC units, Northstock carries a variety of Koldwave OEM parts and accessories, including filters, capacitors, temperature sensors, water tanks, power cords, stack kits, circuit boards, and so much more. You can easily search by part number to find the component you're looking for.

Koldwave checks all the boxes: reputable and reliable, versatile and customizable, experienced, effective, and efficient—with careful attention to customer needs and expectations. We're delighted to offer these portable AC solutions for our customers across the country. Contact us to request a quote or learn more about our extensive selection of Koldwave OEM parts and products.