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For versatile temperature control solutions, commercial and industrial facilities turn to Marley heaters and ventilation to protect their products and equipment and ensure the comfort of their employees and visitors. You'll find these units in manufacturing plants, arenas, hotels, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and more. 

Marley Engineered Products incorporates several well-known brands, including QMark heaters and Berko heaters, all of which feature energy efficiency, high-quality construction, and innovative engineering that makes them easy to install, use, and maintain. Each carefully designed unit is evidence of Marley's commitment to creating "Simplified Solutions for our Complex World." NorthStock is proud to be a trusted distributor of Marley Engineered Products parts and heating solutions:


About Marley Heaters, Replacement Parts, and More

The HVAC experts at Marley understand there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to commercial and industrial heating and ventilation. Their wide range of products, from QMark electric wall heaters to Marley fans and Berko baseboard heaters, are built to suit diverse applications. 

Specialty heaters, like the Berko corrosion-resistant washdown heaters, are common in water treatment facilities, coal processing facilities, steel mills, car washes, ships, and other areas that require hose-down washing. They're also effective in naturally wet and humid spaces, like swimming pool areas. Explosion-proof electric heaters feature a self-contained control center and a permanently lubricated explosion-proof motor with built-in thermal overload protection for use in hazardous environments like oil refineries, hazardous waste storage facilities, and more. 

QMark baseboard heaters are popular in classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and hotels. In contrast, kickspace heaters are ideal in small areas that require supplemental heating but don't have the space for a large unit, like bathrooms and toll booths. Both types offer the opportunity to supply the heat you need to specific areas without heating empty rooms via your central system and increasing the energy demand for your entire facility. 

Other versatile solutions include Marley wall heaters, ceiling heaters, and unit heaters. This QMark CZ1012T Wall Heater is ideal for spot heating, with quiet operation and one-time thermal fuse overtemperature protection, while the Berko QFF4804 Ceiling Heater features models ranging from 1500 to 4800 watts with recessed, surface, or T-bar mounting options. The QMark MUH074 Electric Unit Heater features heavy-gauge die-formed steel housing and a fan delay to eliminate cold drafts. The two-tone styling makes it as attractive as it is reliable, and you can customize it with a unit or wall-mounted thermostat. 

We carry thousands of Marley Engineered Products parts and accessories, including tamper-resistant thermostats, mounting frames, trim kits, fan blades, switches, knobs, motors, and more. When you shop for heaters or ventilation units, you may see a list of required and optional accessories included on the product page so that you can customize your solution with compatible parts. You can also search by part number if you know exactly what you're looking for.

For 40 years and counting, Marley has provided custom engineering for exceptional products. Their manufacturing operations have been centered in Bennettsville, South Carolina since 1987, and they have administrative offices in Burr Ridge, Illinois. As an HVAC industry leader, Marley continues to innovate and reach new heights for energy efficiency, functionality, and customized solutions for the most perplexing temperature control and airflow challenges. From specialty heaters to air curtains and exhaust fans, you can trust the Marley/Berko/QMark family for dependable heating and ventilation.

NorthStock is one of Marley's trusted North American distributors, and we're proud to feature Marley, QMark, and Berko products among our extensive inventory. Contact us to learn more about commercial and industrial units and replacement parts from these top HVAC brands.