Smiths Environmental

Quality Heaters and Parts Available at NorthStock.

When you’re looking for quality heaters and parts, trust NorthStock for the best quality, service, and price. NorthStock only works with trusted manufacturers to ensure you get the most durable and reliable products on the market. 

NorthStock offers Smith’s Environmental wall unit heaters, which are known for their quiet comfort, performance, and style. These heaters maximize heat transfer and minimize energy waste. Smith’s Environmental heaters, distributed by NorthStock, come equipped with temperature control features and use noise-reducing technologies to minimize operational noise. 

Shop Wall Unit Heaters from a Trusted Brand

As HVAC industry experts, NorthStock is proud to carry Smith’s Environmental products to help you get the job done right. When purchasing any type of heating products, it is important to consider a few factors:

  • Product Reliability

    We know that long-lasting and reliable heaters eliminate the need for constant replacements and repairs. This is why NorthStock offers heaters from Smith’s Environmental with a reputation for building reliable heating products. 
  • Performance Capacity

    Smith’s Environmental heaters, found at NorthStock, are engineered with a focus on efficiency and performance. These wall heater units are built with technologies that optimize airflow, heat transfer, and energy efficiency. Our heaters are manufactured to withstand all types of environments. 
  • Energy Efficiency

    At NorthStock, our Smith’s Environmental products come equipped with energy-saving controls and features. These heaters are also maximized for heat transfer efficiency. Prioritizing energy efficient products helps save you and consumers time and money.

Look to Purchase Your Wall Heater Parts from NorthStock

We know components of toe kick heater parts may wear down over time, so it is important to purchase these parts from a trusted brand at NorthStock. Smith’s Environmental offers high-quality toe kick heater parts that are compatible with existing Smith’s Environmental toe kick heaters, making replacements simple to help reduce downtime. 

At NorthStock, we carry a wide selection of Smith’s Environmental heater parts from wall kits, grilles, brackets, and more specific parts to meet any need you may have.  And, we offer factory-direct pricing and fast, free shipping to the lower 48 states to ensure you get your Smith’s Environmental parts with no hiccups.

With so many options and choices, NorthStock offers detailed descriptions on our website for all Smith’s Environmental heaters and parts so you can make an informed purchase-decision.