IO HVAC Controls

HVAC controls are essential to ensure your commercial and industrial climate control systems operate efficiently and maintain the desired temperature for your application. As a controls manufacturer, iO HVAC Controls specializes in zoning and specialty controls for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. These solutions are built for ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, and they're trusted in warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, schools, construction sites, loading docks, storage rooms, hotels, and more facilities around the world. From thermostats and humidity monitors to ventilation kits, bypass dampers, zone panels, and more, iO HVAC Controls has become a trusted partner in commercial and industrial HVAC. 

As a leading HVAC distributor, NorthStock is committed to maintaining a large inventory of HVAC controls by leading manufacturers like iO HVAC Controls. Get to know this company and their diverse selection of solutions:

About iO HVAC Controls

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, iO HVAC Controls manufactures the majority of their products in the United States. Since its founding in 2013, the company quickly established itself as a trusted source for innovative, reliable HVAC controls. 

The MBD-3612 manual balancing damper is one example of the thoughtful engineering that iO HVAC Controls is known for. The locking quadrant features a die-cast handle with wing nut lock and two 1/4" socket head screw sets to prevent slippage. It's made of a non-corrosive zinc and aluminum alloy. The MBD series is available in standard sizes ranging from 8" x 8" up to 36" x 24" (in 2" increments); it's a common choice for balancing airflow in large-scale commercial duct systems. Meanwhile, this two-position rectangular zone damper is one model in the HD series of galvanized steel, single blade dampers. These are rated for duct systems less than 1.0" WC and do not come with an actuator, but they are shipped ready for a field-installed actuator. 

Fresh air ventilation kits, like this FAV-05 five-inch round model, come with a five-year warranty and feature a micro-controller logic panel, status LEDs, exhaust fan control options, and remote damper override options. A simple aluminum back plate with mounting holes allows for easy installation. The entire FAV series is ASHRAE compliant.

Temp stats, like the TS-45, are a low-cost temporary thermostat that's pre-set to a specific temperature. While the TS-45 is heating only, temp stats are available in heating and cooling models to help you save money on temperature control on a construction site or anywhere else where you have to maintain a specific temperature. Unlike regular thermostats, these temp stats can't be stolen or tampered with, making them an easy way to control temperatures in a critical environment. 

You'll notice the same attention to detail and precise manufacturing in all products by iO HVAC Controls, including intake hoodsoutdoor thermostatstemp-limiterswireless lodge watchesround zone dampersheavy-duty motorized electronic bypass dampers, and more. With exceptional warranties, a diverse product line with models in a variety of sizes, and attentive customer service, iO HVAC Controls has set itself apart as a leading commercial and industrial HVAC controls manufacturer. 

Diverse, practical solutions made for a wide range of real-life applications: that's what you'll find with iO HVAC Controls. Their company mission is "To be a leading manufacturer of high quality, need-based, specialty HVAC controls offered to wholesale distributors, allowing them to provide simple, cost-effective solutions to their contractor clients." At NorthStock, we're happy to be among their trusted distributors, and it's easy for us to recommend iO controls because we know they will serve your unique purposes. Contact us to learn more about iO HVAC Controls and other heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions.