Warren Custom Built (CBK) Electric Duct Heaters

Warren custom built open coil electric duct heaters are manufactured to your order specifications. The standard lead time (time from order placement until shipment) for these heaters is 6 weeks. Expedited production cycles are available for an additional charge, so please contact us if quick shipment is required.

To obtain pricing on a CBK duct heater, please complete and return our Duct Heater Template Form (click to download) and we will email or fax you a quote.

Warren CBK Custom electric duct heater features and benefits include:

  • Virtually unlimited KW capacities and element size combinations.

  • Multiple airflow configurations are available for maximum position flexibility.

  • Many available voltages.

  • U.L. listed zero clearance and meet all applicable requirements of The National Electric Code (N.E.C.).

  • Heater frames and boxes are constructed of 20 gauge or heavier galvanized steel.

  • A hinged control panel cover for all units with fuses, door disconnects, or manual limits is standard.

  • Disconnecting magnetic contactors are standard.

  • Slip-In or Flanged Mount.

  • Factory pre-wired accessories.

  • A specific wiring diagram is furnished for every heater.

  • Broad range of control options and accessories.

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