Leaders in the HVAC manufacturing industry, like Fantech fans, understand the importance of good indoor air quality, and they set themselves apart by creating efficient, cost-effective ventilation solutions for specific applications ranging from warehousing and manufacturing facilities to offices, beauty salons, hospitals, apartment buildings, retail buildings, and more. As the company says, "we're not just building fans, we're building solutions and opportunities for a healthier, safer tomorrow." 

Fantech ventilation solutions, parts, and accessories are trusted in facilities all over the world, and NorthStock is pleased to partner with this company as one of the select Fantech distributors. As you browse our extensive selection of Fantech fans and replacement parts, you'll notice the company's thorough approach to ventilation, with diverse solutions that meet your needs.

About Fantech Fans

Fantech's commercial and industrial ventilation solutions include:

  • Recovery Ventilators: Heat and energy recovery to preheat or precool the incoming air

  • Roof Ventilators: Upblast for smoke, heat, and odor exhaust in commercial kitchens, downblast for spot ventilation in industrial buildings, and filtered supply for commercial systems

  • Wall Ventilators: Cabinet mount for major ventilation, venturi mount for dusty, greasy, or humid environments, and grille mount for low-pressure applications

  • Inline Duct Fans: Circular duct for a practical, versatile solution, rectangular duct when space is at a premium, and square duct for high air flow rates and moderate static pressure 

The popular FADE series axial fans are designed for large spaces, like warehouses and distribution centers, where they quietly and efficiently manage big ventilation challenges. Whether you choose the 16-4 WHD model with housing and gravity backdraft damper, the shallow profile 25-6 axial fan, or any other model in the FADE series, you'll appreciate the aerodynamically designed propeller blades, heavy-gauge galvanized steel casing with powder-coated finish, and vibration-free operation. Sizes range from eight to 25 inches, and these Fantech fans are rated for continuous duty.

The RE/REC Series of direct drive centrifugal fans are ideal when the application calls for the fan to be mounted outside the building. The REC 10XLT is suitable for airstream temperatures of up to 140° F and features built-in thermal overload protection. It's fully speed controllable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The FKD20 EC centrifugal inline fan is energy-efficient and easy to control—you can vary the speed to match the airflow demand. These are quiet, efficient, and easy to install, making them common in beauty salons, veterinary clinics, offices, hospitals, and more. Meanwhile, the DEDPV-705 UL Listed dryer exhaust duct fan is designed to help gas and electric clothes dryers run more efficiently. 

Every Fantech ventilation part and accessory is built with the same precision and attention to detail you see in Fantech fans themselves. From aluminum hoods and kitchen hood liners to grease collectors and duct silencers, you can find what you need to customize your ventilation solution. Fantech fans are listed with a variety of compatible optional accessories, like wall mount speed controllers, motor disconnect switches, thermostats, digital timers, and more.

Fantech is a Systemair company with 27 ISO 9001-certified production facilities around the world, including in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada and Lenexa, Kansas. This adds up to more than 3.2 million square feet of manufacturing space, filled with the latest high-quality equipment. Since 1981, Fantech has established itself as a leader in air movement and ventilation, with a focus on improving indoor air quality for the health and safety of every employee, customer, and visitor in the building. 

As a proud Fantech distributor, NorthStock carries the full line of Fantech fans and accessories, available with fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. Contact us to learn more about all our HVAC solutions, including Fantech ventilation.