Institutional wall convectors are a common heating solution in high-traffic areas where floor space is at a premium. Designed to be placed up high on the wall, out of reach, these units offer quiet, reliable heat without obstructing daily activity or posing a risk to anyone in the room. For added peace of mind, they feature a tamper-resistant design and a low surface temperature, along with a sloped cabinet that prevents objects from being placed on the heater and interfering with airflow. They're common in waiting rooms, hallways, lobbies, offices, schools, libraries, government buildings, and other heavily used spaces and are prized for their ability to provide even heating in large areas. 

At NorthStock, we carry QMark institutional wall convector heaters with a range of wattages and dimensions to suit your space. Take a closer look at our inventory or search by part number:

About Our Institutional Wall Convectors

Some high-traffic areas can be difficult and impractical to supervise. With so many people in the space, heating and cooling equipment can be accidentally or intentionally touched, damaged, or adjusted, and you may not realize it right away. Your first indication may be a complaint that it's too hot or cold in the room. Maybe it's a simple solution (readjust the temperature), or maybe your unit has been broken, resulting in costly repairs and a scramble for temporary temperature control solutions while you wait for your primary unit to be fixed or replaced. The QMark KCJ electric institutional wall convectors are built with these spaces in mind. 

The tamper-resistant design features 12-gauge perforated steel with an epoxy-baked enamel finish to offer resistance to rust, chips, and cracks. The protected internal thermostat has a range of 55-100° F, and low operating temperatures allow for a maximum of 140° F surface temperature in 70° F ambient air. The internal DPST disconnect switch is accessible without having to remove the cover. Like all Qmark products, these units demonstrate the company's understanding of their customers' diverse needs. 

Institutional wall convector heaters are generally installed high on a wall, which reduces the likelihood of anything being placed on top of the heater. Still, a sloped cabinet design is an added measure of protection against this in case an object was to fall from a loft or be thrown from the floor. 

At NorthStock, we list all our products with compatible accessories—like thermostats—to make it easy for you to add these items to your cart if you need them. You'll also be asked to confirm that you have the voltage and amperage required to operate your chosen institutional wall convector. This is a simple step we take to ensure you find the right HVAC solution for your application. 

We also include product literature, like installation guides and warranties, availability and lead time, photos, descriptions, and transparent pricing to help you make your purchase. If you have additional questions, our friendly customer care team is ready to help. Because of our long-term partnerships with the industry's top manufacturers, we're able to offer low, factory-direct pricing on new products (never used or refurbished items). Bulk pricing is available for high-volume orders; please contact us in advance to learn more. Every order, no matter its size, is shipped to you fast and free in the lower 48 states, with expedited shipping options available at check out. 

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