Industrial convection heaters are designed for easy installation in hard-use areas like entryways, stairwells, guard shacks, crane cabs, isolated buildings, shop offices, and non-hazardous pump sheds. These versatile vertical and horizontal, wall-mounted convective heating systems are available in a wide range of sizes and models to fit the needs of your application. 

Convective heating is known for quickly and evenly heating large rooms. They're efficient because they work with the way the air moves naturally, and regions that enjoy low utility costs will find these electric convectors especially cost-effective. Because they're so quiet, they're a welcome temperature control solution in busy work areas. 

At NorthStock, we carry a large inventory of Chromalox convection heaters suitable for a variety of applications and electrical specifications. Browse our selection or search for a specific model by part number:

About Our Industrial Convection Heaters

Chromalox is a leading HVAC manufacturer, and their industrial convection heaters demonstrate all the reasons why. They're built for ease of installation and durability, even in high-traffic areas, with minimal maintenance. Sleek, modern units are available in various sizes and colors, so you can choose the configuration, power, and appearance that works for your spaces. 

The HCH convection heaters, like the HCH-101M 480V3P, are a wall-mounted series ranging from 500-5,000 watts and 1,706-17,060 Btuh with built-in controls. Available in 25, 36, or 48 inches widths, the HCH models feature patented metal sheath Fintube® radiating heating elements and are fully self-contained with a standard automatic reset. (Manual reset is optional.) The cabinet is made of heavy 18-gauge steel, a zinc chromate primer, and a polyester powder coat finish. While it's not suitable for use in areas with flammable vapors and liquids, it is a safe option for unattended areas like stairwells. This series is also commonly used to manage cold spots in office buildings or manufacturing facilities. 

The H series horizontal convection heaters, including this H-2407 240V model, are built for exceptional dependability in rugged environments. They're corrosion-resistant and can withstand high-traffic areas, but remain safe enough for use in unattended spaces. Likewise, the V series (check out the V-2040 480V) offers many of the same features in a low-maintenance vertical configuration, and they're available in 120, 240, and 480-volt models, ranging from 6,824-15,354 Btuh.

The EH convection heaters don't have a thermostat, while the HVT models do. These single-phase units are available in 120 and 240-volt models ranging from 250-1,000 watts and 853-3,412 Btuh.

No matter your application, you need heating equipment that is safe, efficient, durable, and reliable throughout the year, and it has to be able to meet the demands of your facility. With so many industrial convection heaters to choose from, we can help you find the one that's right for you. 

We publish a wealth of information with every product listing so you can make an informed decision. You'll find availability and lead time, product literature, photos and descriptions, and low, factory-direct pricing. Depending upon the unit, you may also see a list of options, like thermostats, or required acknowledgments, like confirming you have compatible electrical service. If we notice any inconsistencies with your order, we'll contact you before fulfilling it. It's another step we take to ensure you get exactly what you need as quickly as possible. At NorthStock, fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states comes standard, and we offer expedited shipping options at checkout. 

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