Hazardous locations are those that contain potentially explosive substances, including liquids, gases, dust, fibers, and more. These locations are divided into three classes (then further divided into divisions and groups):

  • Class I: Presence of flammable gases and vapors as found in petroleum refineries, dry cleaning plants, aircraft hangars, gas storage and handling facilities, and more.

  • Class II: Presence of combustible dust as found in grain elevators, plastic production facilities, magnesium or aluminum powder manufacturing or storage facilities, and more.

  • Class III: Presence of ignitable fibers as found in textile mills, cotton gins, wood pulverizing or shaping plants, and more. 

In all cases, temperature and moisture control is essential for worker safety and equipment functionality and longevity. Specially-made explosion-proof convectors provide clean, reliable heat in these hazardous locations, and each is designed and approved for certain classes/divisions so you can rest assured your heater meets safety regulations. Take a closer look at our electric explosion-proof convectors, all specifically designed to withstand hazardous industrial and commercial environments:


About Our Explosion Proof Convectors

Your first consideration is whether your convector is approved for Class III, Class II, or Class I divisions. With hundreds of models in a range of sizes and mounting options, you can find one that's right for your application. 

These units come with features like heavy-gauge steel cabinets, sealed heating elements, polyester powder coating for corrosion resistance, mounting brackets, and sloped-top cabinets to ensure nothing can be accidentally placed on top of the unit that would restrict airflow. Some units have optional factory-installed thermostats. It's important to note that some models are rated for a maximum ambient temperature of 40° C (104° F); if this is a concern in your facility, you'll want to double-check that rating for your heater. 

Manufacturers like Ruffneck, Qmark, Markel, Norseman, Chromalox, and Berko understand the diverse heating needs in hazardous locations, and they make explosion-proof convectors as compact as possible while giving you options for power output, mounting locations, and more. With hundreds of units in our inventory, you're bound to find the one you need. You'll have access to all the information we have about each heater, including product literature like catalogs and installation guides, photos and descriptions, availability and lead time, and low, factory-direct pricing on new convectors (never used or refurbished). 

With electric explosion-proof convectors, it's essential to ensure that your electrical service meets the voltage and amp draw of the heater, and we'll ask you to confirm that before you check out. Many of these orders cannot be canceled or returned. Please contact us if you have questions about your chosen model. Our friendly customer care team is happy to help—it's part of our commitment to ensuring you receive the HVAC products and replacement parts you need as quickly as possible. 

To that end, we also offer fast, free shipping on every order in the lower 48 states, and we combine it with special pricing on bulk orders. Please contact us before placing a high-volume order.

Whether you're looking for an industrial explosion-proof convector for your paint booth, control cabinet, pump house, petroleum plant, fueling area, sewage treatment facility, or any other hazardous location, you'll find it at NorthStock. As a leading HVAC distributor, we have an unparalleled inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial applications, and our long-standing relationships with the industry's top manufacturers allow us to offer fast service and competitive prices. Contact us to learn more about our explosion-proof convectors or place your order today.