HartlandControls CON-3/240/90, HCDY3XU09JS999, 3P 240V 90A Contactor

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HartlandControls CON-3/240/90 Features:
- HCDY3XU09JS999.
- 3P 240V 90A CONTACTOR.
- Silver Cadmium Oxide Contacts.

HartlandControls CON-3/240/90 is similar to these OEM part numbers (same performance but OEM may have altered physical dimensions to fit their equipment):

4139, 13262, 121014, 441621, 441631, 1001515, 2252390, 80073626, 190-0068, 190-0068 Prior Cross Ref, 3/240/90, 3100Y30U90XXXCG, 3P 208/240V 90A, 3P 208-240V 90A OLD, 3P 208-240V 90A, 42GE35AG, 504-1286, 8910DPA93S30V09, 8910DPA93S60V09, 8910DPA93V09, 8910DPA93V09RT, 9998DA3S30V09, 9998DA3V09, ACC930U30, ACC937U30, BT3P240V90A, BUC937U30, C25FNF390B, C25GNF390B, C390C, C3L90C, CDP2-D3P90A-220W, CON-3/240/90, CON3090V240, CONT-903240A, CONT-903240A OLD, CR353EH3BB1, CTR02614, DP3090C1004, DP3090C5005, DP902403, DP903240, DP90C3P-2, DP90C3P-2-, DPC-90A3P240, F7425-, F7425P, F87020933, H390C OBSOLETE, H390CC, H390CC OLD, HC-390240, HC-390240-, HCC-903, HCC937U30, HCCY3XU09CJ , HCCY3XU09CJ124 , HCCY3XU09CJ126 , HCCY3XU09CJ136 , HCCY3XU09CJ160 , HCCY3XU09CJ171 , HCCY3XU09CJ198 , HCCY3XU09CJ232 , HCCY3XU09CJ303 , HCCY3XU09CJ369 , HCCY3XU09CJ833 , HCCY3XU09FV369 , HCD-3XU09BE268, HCDY3XU09JJ268 , HCDY3XU09JS , HCDY3XU09JS106 , HCDY3XU09JS124, HCDY3XU09JS126 , HCDY3XU09JS217, HCDY3XU09JS232 , HCDY3XU09JS268G , HCDY3XU09JS268R , HCDY3XU09JS282 , HCDY3XU09JS287, HCDY3XU09JS318 , HCDY3XU09JS369 , HCDY3XU09JS500, HCDY3XU09JS712, HCDY3XU09JS999, HCDY3XU09RD400 , HCDY3XU09RD400A, HCDY3XU09RD407 , HCDY3XU09RG400 , HCDY3XU09UP102, HCDY3XU09UX103, HCDY3XU09XI198, HCPY3XU09 , HCPY3XU09268 , HCPY3XU09268G , HN53HH260, L41-482, P282-0933, PC903-240, PN-172172, PN-82737, PN-82743, TP-CON-3/240/90