From barns, warehouses, and loading docks to restaurant patios, outdoor event spaces, sports stadiums, and shopping centers, commercial and industrial radiant heaters help ensure the comfort of workers, customers, visitors, and livestock. Advanced technology has made infrared heaters more effective and efficient than ever, and top manufacturers like Infrasave have harnessed that technology to create high-performing radiant heaters for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. 

NorthStock is proud to be one of the trusted Infrasave distributors, and we offer hundreds of Infrasave heater parts for you to choose from. Learn more about this company and how their reliable products can help you save up to 65 percent on your energy bill when compared to a traditional warm-air system. 


About Infrasave Heater Parts

With more than 50 years of innovation, Infrasave's energy-saving solutions are both economical and long-lasting. With up to 81 percent radiant efficiency, Infrasave units far surpass the standard of 35 percent as established by ANSI, and you're likely to see a return on your heating investment in as little as a year. It's no wonder manufacturers, distributors, airlines, farms, and other companies turn to Infrasave for customized heating solutions that require minimal maintenance and upkeep. 

Infrasave radiant heater parts are backed by warranties ranging from one to three years, with tube and burner cup warranties extending up to 10 years, depending on the particular model. Replacement Infrasave parts and optional accessories are backed by the manufacturer's warranty. However, because these products are built to last, Infrasave services less than half of one percent of their products. These units are as reliable and easy to maintain as they are efficient, and you can count on easy installation and quiet operation, as well. 

With a free design package that includes a layout, heat loss analysis, annual fuel cost estimate and fuel cost comparison, and an accurate quote, the company helps you create a customized radiant heating solution for your space, so you can enjoy uniform comfort throughout the room—even with units mounted on ceilings as high as 180 feet. Their wide selection of products includes patio heaters, commercial tube heaters, electric heaters, and more, and you'll see Infrasave heaters in a wide range of locations, including factories, airplane hangars, convention centers, distribution centers, fire stations, and restaurant patios.

As a leading Infrasave distributor, NorthStock's inventory of Infrasave heater parts and radiant heaters includes burner kits, tube kits, and indoor/outdoor heating units, including this 50,000 Btuh outdoor model, which runs on natural gas and features three firing rates, an insulated cabinet, and weather resistant housing. You'll find the Infrasave tube heater parts and heating units you need for any radiant heating application. 

With North American headquarters in Waynesboro, Georgia, and Mississauga, Ontario, Infrasave is a worldwide leader in radiant heating solutions proudly made in the USA and Canada. As a company, they're dedicated to ensuring energy efficiency while controlling product costs, and they devote resources to the ongoing research required to stay on top of the industry. Their many high-profile customers include American Airlines, Air Canada, P.F. Chang's, Whole Foods Market, BMW, Walmart, Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, Earls Kitchen and Bar, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, and the U.S. Air Force. 

If you're looking for an efficient radiant heating solution, customized to suit your unique application, turn to Infrasave. NorthStock carries all the Infrasave heater parts you need to ensure optimal system operation, with fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. Contact us to learn more about this leading HVAC manufacturer and our long-standing partnership with them.