Equipment pads are essential for a variety of facilities, as they protect essential commercial and industrial equipment such as air conditioning units. Without them, equipment would face strain from excessive motion and be unprotected from the elements. In some regions, certain types are required for compliance.

Diversitech provides a wide variety of equipment pads including hurricane pads, anti-vibration pads, and more. Diversitech's equipment pads are designed especially for protecting equipment from damage and adverse conditions to ensure they last, saving time and money on repairs over the long term. As the leading provider of commercial and industrial equipment pads in North America, they have a reputation for quality products. They have operated since 1971, and have decades of experience refining their equipment pads to use quality materials while retaining their affordability.

Northstock is a proud distributor of Diversitech's wide range of equipment pads. Read below to find out more about their specific product lines and how equipment pads can serve your building's needs.

Diversitech hurricane pads are designed with wind resistance in mind. The Hurricane Pad series from Diversitech prioritizes equipment safety and structural integrity. All Diversitech hurricane pads use 7000 PSI concrete and are reinforced with steel. Despite their strength, they are also designed to be lighter thanks to their EPS foam core. None of their hurricane pads absorb water, allowing them to last longer than typical hurricane pads. For taller equipment, Diversitech designed The Hurricane T-Class Pad. The heavier pad can withstand wind speeds of up to 175 MPH.

Diversitech lite pads are designed to be lighter for easier installation without compromising on superior equipment protection. UltraLite EQ pads are designed to absorb vibrations to protect equipment from earthquakes. They are essential, especially in areas that experience earthquakes frequently. Diversitech's CladLite pads are designed to protect against nearly every external factor imaginable, from sun to moisture to freezing damage. It uses an EPS foam core, making it lighter than typical concrete pads and providing essential water resistance. Similar to Diversitech hurricane pads, each CladLite pad is reinforced with steel, so while it is 80% lighter, it can still protect commercial and industrial equipment.

Diversitech anti-vibration pads come in different high-quality materials to suit your building's needs. Their rubber/cork pads are designed to be durable, stackable, and affordable. They can withstand 50 PSI and are designed especially for equipment that may vibrate excessively, such as air conditioners and compressors. Diversitech's EVA anti-vibration pads are the best on the market and can withstand more than three times the vibrations of standard rubber/cork pads in some cases. Using these pads will prevent your equipment from creeping, keeping it stable and in place.

These are just a few of the many Diversitech pads Northstock offers. Diversitech has been a long-time trusted brand when it comes to equipment protection. Their mission is to simplify work by providing solutions with simple installation, saving time. They are innovation and growth-focused, designing their multitude of products to serve a wide variety of needs. Each type of pad comes in many different sizes, allowing you to install them regardless of how large your building's equipment is. Diversitech is also devoted to using quality materials, from the EPS foam cores of their Diversitech hurricane pads and Diversitech lite pads or EVA core of their anti-vibration pads.

If you'd like to find out more about our Diversitech pads or other HVAC products, contact us today. Our 24/7 service team will be happy to assist you. Founded in 2003, Northstock is a leading distributor of HVAC equipment and parts across North America. Along with Diversitech, we prioritize stocking recognized and reliable brands for commercial and industrial HVAC purposes.