Cool IT: The Best Server Room Cooling Units

Posted by NorthStock, Inc. on Nov 9th 2022

Server room cooling requires special considerations. Maintaining a consistent temperature and controlling humidity is essential for the safety and efficiency of the equipment, no matter the weather conditions outside or the temperature in the rest of your building. If those machines overheat, they shut down, and they may be permanently damaged.

Your central air conditioning system is likely not sufficient for IT room cooling. Even if you have a split system that can be set specifically for that room, your AC will have to run all day and all night—something it may not have been designed for. This not only increases your utility bills, it also taxes the system, leading to more maintenance and repair costs. Furthermore, your central system doesn't provide a solution to humidity.

With a server room portable air conditioner, you give your data center the cooling and humidity control it needs. These units are built for this type of environment, so they're more efficient and effective than your central system alone. Leading HVAC manufacturers like MovinCool, Koldwave, OceanAire, and Kwikool offer diverse solutions in a range of sizes to meet your needs. Take a closer look at these exceptional server room cooling solutions:

Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 Air Cooled Portable AC

This server room cooling unit offers 29,000 Btuh cooling power with spot-cool and room-cool thermostat settings. It features a dual shaft motor for two fans with a built-in condensate tank, off-timer, self-diagnostic system, automatic restart, and compressor overload protection. With its heavy-duty casters, it's easy to move around.

If you want a portable unit with heating capabilities just in case, the 6HK13BEH0 Air Cooled Portable Heat Pump AC offers many of the same thoughtful features with 13,200 Btuh cooling capacity and 14,300 Btuh heating capacity.

MovinCool Climate Pro X14 Portable Spot Cooler

The Climate Pro series is available in different sizes, and they're commonly used for process cooling and moisture removal in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. This model offers 13,200 Btuh and comes with a 10-foot power cord and a five-gallon condensate tank. With three-speed fan control and adjustable nozzles, it can handle temperatures up to 113° F. For heating and cooling, check out the  Climate Pro D models.

MovinCool CM12 Ceiling Air Conditioner

As an alternative to a server room portable air conditioner, the CM12 is a low-profile ceiling-mounted unit offering 10,500 Btuh cooling power. It's an ideal solution in situations where there's not enough floor space for a rolling unit. It can be connected to a standard wall thermostat or your building's management system, and it has an internal condensate pump with an alarm. Choose from a number of accessories to customize your server closet cooling solution, including a condenser flange, condenser air plenum, thermostat, and more.

OceanAire 2OAC6012 Spot Cooler

With high-efficiency compressors, quiet reverse curved blowers, and a thermostat setpoint as low as 55° F, this compact unit offers major cooling power. You can set Moisture Control Mode to reduce humidity, while Schrader valves and washable air filters make maintenance simple. OceanAire manufactures three series of air-cooled units (with a fourth series on the way) and three water-cooled series, all in the United States.

Kwikool KWBIO1411 BioKool HEPA Filtered Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioner

This unit offers hospital-grade supplemental air conditioning with a high-efficiency ULPA filter. The entire BioKool series features an exclusive four-point "air therapy" process that cools, cleans, disinfects, and inhibits mold growth. With high-pressure safety (manual reset), low-pressure safety (automatic reset), and automatic freeze protection, is a safe, reliable solution that requires little in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

These companies offer a range of server room portable air conditioners to fit the space and temperature control power you need. At NorthStock, we keep an extensive inventory of HVAC units and replacement parts ready to ship when you need them.  Contact us to learn more about server room cooling, our low, factory-direct pricing, and our long-term partnerships with data center air conditioner manufacturers like Kwikool, OceanAire, MovinCool, and Koldwave.