HartlandControls CAP-35/5/440, HCKS350D050V440999Z, 35+5 MFD 370/440V Oval Run Capacitor

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HartlandControls CAP-35/5/440, HCKS350D050V440999Z, 35+5 MFD 370/440V OVAL RUN CAPACITOR.

HartlandControls CAP-35/5/440 is similar to these OEM part numbers (same performance but OEM may have altered physical dimensions to fit their equipment):

12972, 00BEC20402, 00BEC20403, 35/5/370, 35/5/370H, 35/5/440, 35/5/440H, 36-35-5-3744, BT355440, CAP.DC35/05X370, CAP.DC35/05X440, CAP-35/5/440, CD35+5X370, CD35+5X440, F8115-, F8115P, F8186-, F8186P, F87073553, F87073554, H440-35+5MFD, HCK-350D050V370402NZ , HCK-350D050V370529Z , HCK-350D050V440529Z , HCKS350D050V370102Z, HCKS350D050V370217Z, HCKS350D050V440102Z, HCKS350D050V440217Z, HCKS350D050V440999Z, HCKY350D050V370136Z , HCKY350D050V370160Z , HCKY350D050V370198Z , HCKY350D050V3702*34Z, HCKY350D050V370217Z , HCKY350D050V370Z , HCKY350D050V440136Z , HCKY350D050V440160Z , HCKY350D050V440198Z , HCKY350D050V440234Z , HCKY350D050V440318Z6, HCKY350D050V440500Z, HCKY350D050V440Z , P291-3553, P291-3554, SFCAP35D5440, TOCD355, TOCFD355