When it comes to electric heating solutions, Markel heaters are a go-to choice. This manufacturer's range of products—including wall and floor heaters, radiant ceiling panels, duct heaters, hazardous location heaters, and more—find their place in a variety of commercial and industrial locations. From office buildings to power plants, people turn to Markel for efficiency, reliability, versatility, and innovation.

As a proud authorized distributor of Markel heaters, Northstock carries hundreds of units and Markel heater parts. Learn more about this outstanding company and their extensive product line.

Markel's rich history and industry experience dates back to 1921, and it's now a subsidiary of TPI Corporation, known as America's Comfort Conditioning Company. This U.S.-based, privately held manufacturer is dedicated to innovation in HVAC and industrial lighting with worldwide sales topping $800 million per year. Markel headquarters are in Gray, TN, and most of their products are made in the U.S.A. Those that aren't made in the country are imported according to TPI's import standards and specifications.

There's a Markel electric heater for nearly any commercial and industrial application you can imagine. For warehouses, garages, distribution centers, and other large, otherwise unheated spaces, Markel unit heaters are easy to install and come in a range of sizes to accommodate your heating requirements. You'll appreciate the thoughtful details, like overheat protection and rubber insulators to cut down on noise and vibration.

In situations where blowing air isn't practical, there are Markel infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use, in both protected and exposed areas. The flat panel emitter heaters have a lifespan of 25,000 hours; the FSA series has chain, suspension, wall, or recessed mounting options. The TH and THSS series Markel infrared heaters can be used for snow and ice control in totally exposed outdoor environments. Looking at the entire line, you have an incredible selection of sizes and capabilities for indoor and outdoor spot heating, ice control, paint drying, and more.

Spark- and explosion-proof hazardous location heaters are used in oil refineries, paint storage areas, dry cleaning facilities, and anywhere flammable fumes, gases, or materials may pose a risk. They're available in portable and permanent mounted models. Washdown Markel heaters are available for use in non-hazardous locations that require frequent washing of equipment due to excessive dirt and dust. They're completely watertight and made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Electric heat is 100 percent efficient, making a Markel electric heater a great choice, especially in areas with low utility costs. You can expect your Markel heater to last, but we do have a full range of Markel heater parts available should you require a replacement or a backup component.
This is just a fraction of what this manufacturer has to offer. Browse our inventory to see the extensive selection, or search for your favorite model by part number. If you're not sure which Markel heater is right for you, give us a call. Our experienced customer service team and sales engineers can help you choose the best heater for your application, and we'll ship it to you for free in the lower 48 states.

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