When space is a major consideration, commercial and industrial square inline centrifugal duct fans are an ideal solution. Compact and easy to install, square duct booster fans are common for general exhaust, return, and supply air applications in commercial buildings, airports, garages and workshops, laboratories, bathrooms, offices, food and beverage facilities, water treatment facilities, and more. These units can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or angularly, and are easily serviced with removable access doors and side discharge capability. With AMCA licensed performance and a UL listing, you can rest assured that you've found a reliable, safety compliant square inline duct fan. 

NorthStock partners with the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry to provide high-quality solutions for all your commercial and industrial needs. Browse our extensive selection of centrifugal duct fans:

About Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Square duct booster fans come in a range of sizes, air flow capabilities, and static pressure capabilities to suit a variety of clean air applications. They offer a steady flow of air and excellent energy efficiency in high-pressure environments, along with features and optional accessories like these, depending upon the make and model of your chosen unit:

  • Compact design ideal for small spaces

  • High-efficiency aluminum wheels

  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheels 

  • Leak-proof access panels with gaskets

  • Galvanized steel housing

  • Direct-drive or belt-drive models

  • High static pressure capability up to 3.5"

  • Junction boxes

  • Speed control switches

  • Gravity backdraft dampers

  • Motor safety guard kits

  • Hanging or base mount vibration isolators

Built to withstand corrosive environments, these units are durable and reliable. Maintenance is made easier with removable access doors, and when you choose a model built by one of the industry's leading manufacturers, like Canarm or Soler and Palau, you know your unit is backed by the company's history of excellence, outstanding customer service, and detailed warranties. You can expect years of high-level performance from your square inline duct booster, even with continuous operation. These companies understand your facility and industry requirements and the demands placed upon your HVAC system, and their solutions are built with energy efficiency, ease of use, safety compliance, and performance standards in mind.

At NorthStock, our centrifugal duct fans are listed with all the information as we have about the unit:

  • Product literature (like product catalogs, user manuals, and installation guides)

  • Availability and lead time

  • Ships from location

  • Low, factory direct pricing on new units (never used or refurbished)

  • Photos, detailed descriptions, and features

  • Optional accessories and lists of products commonly purchased together

We want you to make an informed purchase, and our customer service team is here to help you do it. Contact us if you have any questions about your chosen centrifugal duct fan. We ship all orders fast and free in the lower 48 states, with expedited shipping options available at checkout. If you're planning to make a high-volume purchase, reach out to us in advance to learn more about our special bulk pricing. 

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