The Bray Series 92/93 high pressure pneumatic actuators are ideally suited to a wide range of quarter turn applications including butterfly valves, ball valves and dampers. These rack and pinion actuators are available in Series 92 double acting (air to open, air to close) and Series 93 single acting (spring return) models.

The compact and robust design of the Series 92/93 actuators feature an extruded aluminum housing, polyester-coated die cast aluminum end caps, die cast aluminum opposed pistons, and a carbon steel zinc plated output pinion. Conforming to the ISO 5211 top flange standard, all Series 92/93 actuators are directly mounted to the valve top plate or saddle without the need for adapters or brackets. Series 92/93 actuators are available with a wide range of factory-mounted Brayline accessories including pneumatic positioners, electro pneumatic positioners, solenoid valves, position indicators and manual declutchable gear override assemblies.