Pneumatic valves and systems have been used for controls in the HVAC market for the past several decades. In the early days of building automation systems, before the advent of control networks, control systems consisted of pneumatic controls or wire bundles connected to relays, switches, potentiometers, and actuators. Bray Automated Globe and Butterfly Valve Retrofit Kits can convert old pneumatic operators to modern DDC controls.

Cabling was installed in a point-to-point fashion between electrical panels, the sensor inputs and actuator outputs. The functionality of these control systems are relatively rudimentary and inflexible. With the dawn of electronic actuation coupled with newly advanced building automation systems, it only follows that many pneumatically controlled valves are now being partially or completely replaced with electronic valve assemblies. The advent of solid state technology offers a means of using logic circuits to replace wire and relays. Pneumatic controls and electrical panels have given way to direct digital controllers, which are programmed or configured. Bray Retrofit Kits make the transition from Pneumatic to DDC easier. In those instances when an existing globe or butterfly valve needs to be fitted with the proper electronic actuator, Bray has a quick, easy, and cost effective solution.