For more than 50 years, Sterling HVAC has been a trusted name for high-quality heating solutions. They manufacture everything in-house according to high standards for quality and performance to create a wide range of heaters for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Gas- and oil-fired, steam, hot water, infrared, and high-efficiency units are all proudly made in the United States and go on to serve customers in warehouses, outbuildings, greenhouses, agricultural facilities, wastewater treatment plants, garages, food production facilities, and more. No matter the size of your facility or the temperature difference you need to achieve, Sterling has a unit for the job. 

NorthStock is proud to carry a full line of Sterling heater replacement parts. Even the best HVAC products on the planet require upkeep and maintenance—we have you covered with the components you need, and we can get them to you quickly. Browse our inventory of Sterling heater parts, or search by part number to find exactly what you're looking for.

Learn More About Sterling Heater Replacement Parts

Sterling unit heaters are built for efficiency, performance, and reliability. Innovative design and engineering and high-quality materials and components result in a long-lasting heating solution built to meet the needs of your application, with various models, sizes, and installation options. With features like easy-access control panels and rear burner access for simplified service, it's easy to maintain and repair your Sterling heater, and the replacement parts can be expected to perform every bit as well as the originals. 

At NorthStock, we carry parts for tubular and non-tubular Sterling gas heaters. Check out the spark igniters and flame sensors in various sizes, conversion kits (from propane to natural gas or vice versa), fan motors, pressure switches, power vent assemblies, propeller fans, fan motors, valves, ignition cords, and so much more. If you can't find the Sterling gas heater parts you need or if you have questions, our attentive customer care team is ready to help. 

Every Sterling unit heater part listing comes with all the information we have about that particular product. This includes low, factory-direct pricing, which we pair with discounts on bulk orders (contact us before placing a high-volume order to ensure you get the best available price), and fast, free shipping on every order in the lower 48 states. Expedited shipping options are available at check-out—and it's easy to determine if you need to expedite your order because we're transparent about availability and lead times. You'll also find photos, clear descriptions and features, and product literature (like the installer's guide). 

Our goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision and deliver your products to you as quickly as possible. There’s no time to delay when it comes to heating and cooling: without proper temperature control, your employees, visitors, equipment, and products could be at risk. We go the extra mile by reviewing your order before we ship it to help you save time and money; if we notice any inconsistencies or potential errors, we'll contact you to confirm your order.

NorthStock is a leading HVAC distributor. Since 2003, we've understood the urgency associated with your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, and we've prioritized efficiency and simplicity in the ordering process. We carry an extensive inventory of products and replacement parts from the industry's top manufacturers, and we'd love to connect you with the Sterling heater replacement parts you need.

Our customer care team is friendly and responsive; contact us to learn more about Sterling heater parts and other HVAC solutions, or to place your order.