There are a number of industrial facilities that must be hosed down for cleaning, including water treatment plants, cement plants, steel mills, car washes, coal-handling facilities, food processing plants, drilling platforms, and more. Because these areas also require adequate heating to protect delicate equipment and ensure employee comfort, it's essential to use a corrosion-resistant unit heater that can withstand repeated exposure to high humidity, excessive moisture, and water pressure. Washdown heaters are specially designed for this purpose, with enclosed internal parts that are sealed to protect against water damage.

At NorthStock, we carry a wide inventory of corrosion-resistant washdown heaters from top manufacturers like Berko, Chromalox, Markel, QMark, and Ruffneck. Search by part number or browse our selection:


About Our Washdown Heaters

Washdown heaters can be used for freeze protection, secondary heating, primary heating, spot heating, entrance air curtain heating, and more. They may have fully-enclosed motors, permanently lubricated ball bearings, remote thermostats, stainless steel finned elements, automatic temperature reset, and other safety features, and you can choose a unit to mount on the wall or the ceiling. There are hundreds of corrosion-resistant unit heaters to choose from, giving you the opportunity to find an ideal match for your application with consideration to the size of the space, the temperature changes you need to make, the level of humidity or water pressure the unit will be exposed to, and more. 

Washdown heaters like the Markel F3F5530T, the Berko BWD15812, and the Ruffneck CR1-600360-390 all have control enclosures with a NEMA 4X rating, which means they are "totally protected against dust" and "protected against strong jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted". The QMark QWD30232, like many other corrosion-resistant unit heaters, features an automatic reset if the temperature gets too high. 

The Chromalox HD3D-1250 is another reliable choice, featuring an adjustable discharge grille to direct air flow, a 20-gauge roll formed case for corrosion protection in harsh environments, and enclosed heater controls, contractors, and control voltage transformer that are still easily accessed from the front of the heater. These brands offer a variety of units in different sizes and with specialized features to help you meet your requirements. 

With each washdown heater listing, you'll notice a checklist that includes optional accessories and factory-installed features, as well as some statements to acknowledge your understanding of the purchase. You'll be asked to confirm you have the correct voltage and amperage to operate the unit and that you understand your order is not returnable or cancelable. After that, your options depend upon the particular unit and may include factory-installed thermostats or pilot lights, selector switches, disconnect switches, manual resets, mounting brackets, epoxy cabinet coating, and more.

You'll also have access to product literature, like catalogs and installation manuals, along with photos, descriptions, availability, lead time, and transparent pricing. We combine low, factory-direct pricing with free shipping in the lower 48 states to help you get your order as quickly as possible, and we double-check every order before we fulfill it to ensure there are no potential errors. For even faster service, choose an expedited shipping option at check out. Large orders may qualify for special bulk pricing; please contact us before placing a high-volume order.

At NorthStock, we have years of experience in the HVAC industry, and over those years we've built trusted relationships with top manufacturers. Our unparalleled inventory gives you quick access to all the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and replacement parts you need, including washdown heaters. Contact us if you have any questions or to place an order.