Commercial and industrial electric ceiling heaters are unobtrusive and effective. With recessed and surface-mount options available, these units provide a reliable source of heat without taking up precious space on the wall or floor. This is why ceiling-mounted electric heaters are common in spaces like bathrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, hallways, retail spaces, lobbies, and waiting rooms.

Whether you need to heat a small space or a large one, there is an industrial or commercial ceiling heater that will work for you. Take a closer look at our extensive offering—we don't carry refurbished or factory-second products, so these electric ceiling heaters are all brand new and ready for your facility.

About Industrial and Commercial Electric Ceiling Heaters

Ceiling-mounted electric heaters from industry-leading manufacturers like Berko, QMark, King Electric, and Markel are designed for easy installation. Many models feature automatic fan delay, automatic thermal cutout, and adjustable airflow. We include detailed information about our industrial and commercial ceiling heaters, and you'll notice each product listed with optional accessories so you can easily add compatible parts to your order.

Learn more about the electric ceiling heaters from these manufacturers:

  • Berko: The FFCH series of downflow ceiling heaters requires only seven inches of internal clearance for recessed mounting. Along with the QCH and QFF series, these units are all easy to install and built with safety, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. 

  • QMark: With recessed, T-bar, and surface-mount options, QMark offers three series of unobtrusive, versatile ceiling mounted heaters. Features include built-in power on/off switches, residual heat discharge, and optional relays to connect your electric ceiling heater to the building's central climate management system. The QCH series requires a remote wall thermostat.

  • King Electric: The WHFC models are available in 120, 208, and 240-volt with 500 to 1500 watts. These smaller units are ideal for bathrooms and hallways, while the larger LPWC models (1250 to 4500 watts) are made for bigger spaces requiring heavy-duty, high-capacity heating solutions.

  • Markel: These electric ceiling heaters are made in the U.S.A. Optional accessories for select models include mount extenders, mounting frames, wall-mounted tamper-resistant thermostats or factory-installed thermostats, and more. 

When floor space is at a premium, many commercial and industrial facilities turn to electric ceiling heaters for reliable, energy-efficient, space-saving heating solutions. At NorthStock, we carry hundreds of ceiling-mounted electric heater models that ship fast and free to the lower 48 states. Expedited shipping is available at checkout for in-stock models shipping from our warehouse. 

As a leading HVAC distributor, we're proud to help our customers procure the cooling and heating equipment and parts they need. Before you place an order, you'll be able to see pricing, lead time, and literature (including warranties and installation guides) for every product we carry. If you have additional questions, our knowledgeable customer care team is standing by and committed to helping make your project a success.

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