Air-cooled portable air conditioners are common for supplemental cooling in offices, warehouses, and spaces that contain sensitive equipment, like computer server rooms and manufacturing facilities. These industrial portable spot coolers must be vented since they require air ducts to extract hot air from the unit and send it out of the room. This is commonly achieved through a window or into a ceiling plenum served by a central HVAC system, though it could also be through an open garage door. 

Because these portable cooler air conditioner units exhaust the warm condenser air outside of the room, they could create a negative pressure situation. If this is a concern, you might opt for a water-cooled portable spot cooler instead, or invest in a condenser plenum kit. 

At NorthStock, we carry a large inventory of industrial portable spot coolers, accessories, and replacement parts from the industry's top manufacturers. Take a closer look at our selection:

About Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

Versatile, energy efficient, and easy to use, air-cooled spot cooling systems can be set up quickly and are built on casters, so you can easily move them from location to location. With innovative features like wifi compatibility and remote controls, ease of use is top of mind for many of our portable ac units. At NorthStock, we feature best-seller industrial spot coolers from four incredible brands:

Koldwave Portable Air Conditioners

Koldwave is known for creating rugged, reliable cooling solutions, the Koldwave portable air cooler ACs are no exception. Smaller models, like the  6KK14, are ideal for smaller environments like offices, labs, computer rooms, and factory workstations that are a lower sq. ft. The larger  6KK92,  with 92,000 Btu/h, is commonly used for emergency cooling in hospitals and data centers. For major cooling projects, like renovation sites or large room supplemental cooling, this  horizontal air-cooled portable spot cooler features 12 tons of cooling and can put cool air in almost any room size. 

MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners

This company has been innovating in the world of portable spot cooling since 1982. Their Climate Pro series features 11 sleek, aesthetically pleasing models with quick-connect nozzles, a built-in screen that offers operational and troubleshooting guidance, and large casters for easy portability. Units in the Pro K series, like this  K36 MovinCool portable AC, are built for commercial cooling with an operating range of 65°-95° F and easy-to-use controls that allow for automatic operation after hours. Meanwhile, models in the X series, like this  X20, are made for tougher environments, like manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, with an operating range of 70°-113° F. 

OceanAire Portable Air Conditioners

Made in the United States and trusted in a range of indoor and outdoor applications, including weddings and concerts, OceanAire portable air conditioners are available in a range of sizes. In the CAC series, the CAC1211 is made of 18 gauge steel with matte black finish and comes with washable electrostatic mesh air filters, condensate reservoir tank, auto restart capability, and a five-year warranty on the compressor (with a one-year warranty on all other parts). The PAC models, including this  PAC1211, range in cooling capacity from 12,000 Btu/h to 60,000 Btu/h.

Kwikool Portable Air Conditioners

Kwikool has a line of 54 products, including industrial spot coolers, all manufactured in the United States. The KPO indoor/outdoor series is designed to be placed outside of the conditioned space, with high-static fans that allow for long duct runs. This  KPO5-21 model offers five tons of cooling but is small enough to fit through a standard door. The BioKool series, including this KBIO1411, offers hospital-grade supplemental air conditioning that purifies and produces cold air at the same time. It features a four-point "air therapy" process that cleans and disinfects while limiting the growth of mold and microbes. 

At NorthStock, you'll see spot coolers, accessories, and replacement parts from these top brands listed with extensive product information, including availability and lead time, product literature, and transparent pricing. You may also notice compatible options, including condensate pump kits, dual hoses, and flexible ceiling duct kits, listed with the unit, so you can easily add these accessories to your cart.  All orders are shipped fast and free in the lower 48 states, with expedited shipping available at check out.  Contact us to learn more about our selection of air-cooled portable air conditioners along with a wide variety of other HVAC solutions.

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