When it comes to rugged or hazardous locations, not all heaters are created equal. Ruffneck heaters are specifically designed for the harshest environments: chemical processing, power generation, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, marine applications, and so much more. From process heating to freeze protection, snow melting to platform heating, Ruffneck electric heaters are built for safety, reliability, and durability. 

NorthStock is proud to offer Ruffneck heaters for sale, along with all the accessories and replacement parts you need to customize your heating solution, no matter the size of your space, the environmental conditions, or the temperature change you require. Browse our selection or search by part number and get to know this versatile product line from Thermon Heating Systems:

About Ruffneck Heaters

When you place your order for a Ruffneck heater, you'll have a selection of optional and required accessories to choose from. Depending upon the unit, these options may include pilot lights, disconnect switches, thermostats, mounting kits, and more. 

With several series and models to choose from, you can find a Ruffneck to suit nearly any challenging situation. The FX5 series of Ruffneck explosion-proof heaters is UL-certified and approved for the following Hazardous Locations Classifications: Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G and Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G. Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIA & IIB; and Temperature code T3B 165°C (329°F). The various models in this series are made for dry indoor industrial applications, like grain elevators, hazardous waste storage facilities, paper mills, and more. You'll be asked to confirm you have the proper voltage and amperage to operate the heater and to confirm your understanding that your order for a Ruffneck explosion-proof heater is neither cancelable nor returnable. 

The CR1 is a washdown Ruffneck unit heater built for non-hazardous locations. It's corrosion-resistant and can manage water pressures of up to 70 psi. It's a popular choice for coast guard and marine applications, with NEMA Type 4X construction for enhanced safety and protection against water penetration. 

For both space heating and liquid cooling, the AV series advanced vertical throw hydronic unit heaters are available with general purpose and explosion-proof motors. They're designed for vertical installation and built to ASME Section VIII standards, with a temperature rating of 600°F. Meanwhile, FR Ruffneck unit heaters are built for steam applications. 

That is just the beginning of what Ruffneck has to offer. In 2017, Ruffneck's manufacturer, CCI Thermal Technologies, was acquired by Thermon, a worldwide leader in industrial process heating. Thermon is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with operations in 17 countries, and they're committed to providing their customers with innovative industrial heating solutions. With the Ruffneck line, they're able to do that in the harshest environments. 

NorthStock is one of the proud Ruffneck heater distributors in the United States. From stormhoods and backdraft dampers to washdown electric heaters, explosion-proof convectors, high-pressure hydronic unit heaters, heavy- and regular-duty electric unit heaters, and so much more, we have the Ruffneck heaters, parts, and accessories you're looking for.

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