Industrial infrared heaters are used on restaurant patios, outdoor gathering areas, factories, warehouses, airplane hangars, car washes, military facilities, garages, and more, as well as for specific applications, like drying paint. Based in Warren, Michigan, Re-Verber-Ray is a top manufacturer of infrared and patio heaters, gas unit heaters, and more. The company is known for its extensive product lines, ongoing innovation, and energy efficiency.

Northstock is proud to be a trusted distributor of Re-Verber-Ray heater parts and heating units. Learn more about the many Re-Verber-Ray heating solutions we have in stock and why so many businesses trust Re-Verber-Ray for their industrial heating needs.

Since 1955, the Detroit Radiant Products Company has established itself as a leader in radiant heating with its extensive Re-Verber-Ray line of products. With more than 105,000 square feet of manufacturing space, plus additional warehouse and office space for accounting, sales, and engineering, the company is uniquely equipped with unparalleled production capabilities. Six production lines and a training classroom is only the beginning of their commitment to growth and innovation.

An on-site ISO/IEC 17025-certified testing laboratory allows for continued research and development. The team of experts is able to recreate challenging field conditions to better propose and test solutions, test a variety of venting configurations, and determine the effects of infrared on various materials. This in-house testing is faster and more cost-effective than outsourcing experiments to a lab, which provides their customers with the solutions they need more quickly and efficiently.

Each Re-Verber-Ray heating series is designed with specific advantages to meet your needs. The DX3L series, for example, is a line of premier single-stage low intensity tube heaters, designed to enhance performance and longevity with a special stainless steel burner. There are also various lines designed for specialty applications, including wet, contaminated, or outdoor environments, as well as comfort-focused products and heaters for residential use.

Eight different series of patio heaters are designed specifically for outdoor heating, though some models are suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications. Choose a model with rain and wind protection, one with an aesthetically pleasing design with decorative housing, or a unit that offers both heat and visible light. There are various sizes available, along with the option for electric, propane, or natural gas-powered units.

If infrared heating is not a practical solution for you due to how you use your building or because of the available clearance around the unit, you can still take advantage of Re-Verber-Ray's quality, durability, and efficiency with one of their gas-fired unit heaters. Ideal for a number of commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, these units are compact and efficient with aluminized steel heat exchangers. There are three series available, including some models that are approved for residential use. Every Re-Verber-Ray product is engineered with the customer in mind and a focus on safety and energy efficiency.

Re-Verber-Ray is a natural fit for Northstock, not only because of the high-quality, cost-efficient heating solutions they offer, but because we both value customer service. They make it easy to connect with them concerning questions or concerns about their products, and they invest heavily in education for their sales team, distributors, installers, inspectors, representative, contractors, and others.

Contact us to learn more about Re-Verber-Ray heating and other HVAC solutions. At Northstock, we carry an industry-leading inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation products, including a wide range of Re-Verber-Ray OEM parts and infrared heaters.