For emergency and supplemental cooling, outdoor job sites, and hard-to-cool applications, Kwikool portable air conditioners are trusted all over the world. Cost-efficient, easy to maneuver, and built with a variety of specific applications in mind, these portable systems are known for reliability and versatility. With air-cooled, water cooled, and air purification solutions, Kwikool products are trusted for construction sites, event tents, manufacturing facilities, and other applications where temporary, supplemental, or emergency cooling is required. 

NorthStock is proud to be among the trusted Kwikool distributors, and we carry a wide range of Kwikool parts and portable cooling systems so you can find the right fit for your application. Search by part number or browse the selection to get better acquainted with this line-up:

About Kwikool Portable Air Conditioners

Kwikool portable air conditioners are designed for safety and effectiveness, and unique designs allow for specific cooling solutions. The KAM-14 Attic Master offers high static airflow with a small footprint for spot cooling in confined spaces like attics and crawl spaces. It's quickly installed with a 50-foot-long power cord to a dedicated 115V/15 Amp wall outlet.

The KBIO1411 BioKool HEPA Filtered Portable Air Conditioner is a compact hospital-grade unit with a wide operating range of 65ºF-105ºF. The high-efficiency UPLA filter can manage 99.999% of particulates greater than .12 microns, and the internal UVC light irradiates the evaporator coil, air stream, and internal surfaces to reduce bacteria and other microorganisms. It features a heavy-duty compressor, overload protection, high- and low-pressure safety, automatic freeze protection, and an easy access service door for simplified maintenance and repair. The fully-insulated steel cabinet is protected with the exclusive E-Z Clean scratch-resistant epoxy for durability and quiet operation. 

The Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Conditioner is available in models with or without heat. These powerful units are designed to be placed outside the space, ducted to provide the cool air inside. With heavy-duty swivel and locking casters and mounted to a 12-gauge skid for durability, the KPO units are compact enough to fit through a standard doorway. Meanwhile, the 6HK144BEA2ACA0 Horizontal Air Cooled Portable AC is a 12-ton unit using R-410A refrigerant and featuring internally insulated fiberglass insulation, cleanable vinyl chloride air filters, and an operating temperature range of  64°F-113°F. Fork lift slots and lifting lugs come standard. 

That's just a small sample of Kwikool's 54 outstanding products. Since 1997, Kwikool has been manufacturing high-performance portable air conditioners in Houston, Texas—every product is proudly made in the USA. Known for their innovative solutions, high-quality materials, and proprietary components, Kwikool has established itself as an industry leader, and the company is dedicated to ongoing research and improvements to ensure their products, operating systems, and customer service remain at the top of the industry. 

Kwikool understands that size matters when it comes to portable air conditioners, and they focus on creating compact solutions without sacrificing performance. Even with their high level of technical sophistication to tackle demanding temperature control applications, the units are easy to maneuver, install, and use. 

When you place your order, you may have your choice of compatible optional accessories, including condensate pump kits, duct kits, cable sets, and more. At NorthStock, we also carry a selection of Kwikool parts you can order separately, including water hose kitscold air chute kitsducts, and more. We're proud of our trusted relationships with HVAC industry leaders like Kwikool, and we'd be happy to help you find the Kwikool portable air conditioner that's right for your storage space, equipment room, manufacturing facility, construction site, outdoor event, and more. Contact us to learn more about portable cooling solutions and other heating, cooling, and ventilation units.