Schools, offices, manufacturing facilities, storage rooms, hotels, waiting areas, and more rely on commercial and industrial HVAC units  that have the power and longevity to keep these rooms—and the people and equipment inside—at a safe, comfortable temperature. GE HVAC units rise to meet those demanding expectations. For a company that's been innovating for more than 100 years, quality, value, versatility, and heating efficiency are simply part of the deal. 

Northstock is a proud distributor of GE heat pumps, GE electric heaters, and a wide range of GE replacement parts and accessories. GE offers an incredible lineup of high-quality commercial and industrial PTAC units, designed to suit your needs in rooms of all sizes, with a range of temperature change requirements. Get to know the GE line and how it can meet your heating needs. 


About GE Replacement Parts

GE heat pumps with electric heat come in a range of sizes with thoughtful features that simplify installation and maintenance. The self-contained drainage system is easy to install, and the chassis can be removed without interfering with the plumbing. The quick-install plenum, which can be purchased separately, allows for installation from inside the building—no exterior access required—while the Insta-Platform is a one-piece design that aligns with the wall plenum for a tight seal. No onsite platform construction required. Thoughtful touches, like the anti-corrosion design with a rust-proof basepan, abound. 

Technological innovations are making GE air conditioners more user-friendly and "smart." Select units have SmartHQ Wi-Fi capability, which gives managers the ability to oversee and adjust all the units on your property to ensure efficiency. Onboard diagnostics offer clear data and fault codes with fast notifications, so you can address any issues promptly. Exclusive reverse cycle defrost technology allows the heat pump to run longer and more efficiently. Of course, GE is known for heat pumps that operate quietly, ensuring these units do their job without being distracting. 

When you place an order for a GE heat pump, you'll have a selection of accessories to choose from. These include digital thermostats, power cords, replacement filters, direct wire kits, drain platforms, grilles, wall sleeves, and more. 

Backed by a history of excellence and warranty on parts and labor, GE heaters are a go-to solution for companies in a variety of industries. Since 1907, when the company released the first full line of heating and cooking devices for homeowners, GE has kept its finger on the pulse of an ever-changing and advancing industry. Driven by innovation and a deep understanding of what their clients want and expect, GE is constantly pushing the limits of what it means for a heater to be efficient, quiet, cost-effective, and user-friendly. 

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, GE operates nine manufacturing facilities and 11 distribution centers in the United States with reach all over the world. In a competitive marketplace, they're committed to a transparent, efficient supply chain, and they're using advanced technology, from data visualization and predictive maintenance analytics to robotics and 3D scanning, to create smart facilities to enable faster delivery of the products you know and love. In the midst of broad innovation and discovery, GE is equally committed to building stronger communities and ensuring their employees have the resources they need to do their jobs well. 

GE is a leader in heating, cooling, and household appliances, and we're thrilled to include their products in our inventory. Contact us to learn more about commercial and industrial GE heat pumps and GE electric heaters, or request a quote. Northstock is a leading HVAC distributor in North America, and we're committed to our long-term partnerships with the industry's top manufacturers to ensure we're always providing a wide selection of high-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. GE is one such partnership.