Well house heaters are essential in pump houses, utility rooms, relay stations, construction sheds, and crawl spaces to prevent pipes and other fluid-filled equipment from freezing. By using natural convection to heat the room, pump house convection heaters offer a safe, quiet, efficient means of temperature control. With rugged, low-maintenance designs, these units can be left unattended all winter long, trusted to perform as expected without interference. 

NorthStock carries well house convectors from leading HVAC manufacturers like Markel, QMark, and Chromalox. Known for their innovative solutions and specific approach to unique heating and cooling applications, these companies have placed efficient pump house convection heaters in applications all over the world. Take a closer look at these exceptional models:

About Our Well House Heaters

Pump house convection heaters must be durable and reliable. You can't spend the winter worrying about your pipes and other delicate equipment: you need heating solutions you can trust. At NorthStock, we've got them. 

The Markel RPH1-5A features an aluminum-finned heating element and a powder-coated epoxy steel case. The automatic temperature control thermostat has a range of 35° F to 65° F. This is a 120v, one-phase model, while the RPH25A is a 240v, one-phase unit. Both are 20 inches long. 

The QMark WHT500 is wired for 240/208v, but it's easy to convert to 120v in the field if required. This maintenance-free design has no moving parts, and the thermostat (offering a setpoint range of 40° F to 70° F) is completely contained within the control box. The epoxy-painted galvanized steel cabinet resists corrosion, while the aluminum-finned element is built for rapid heat dissipation and a long lifespan. 

The Chromalox CPHH-50011 120v (and the CPHH-5031 240v) are popular in boiler rooms, golf course water pump sheds, garage grease pits, equipment buildings, control panels, and more. Heavy gauge steel and hybrid polyester epoxy coating provide corrosion resistance, and the built-in adjustable thermostat has a range of 40° F to 80° F.

Before you purchase these units, you'll be asked to confirm you have electrical service that's compatible with the voltage and amp draw of the heater. Take note of the photos, descriptions, and availability, lead time, and ships-from location. You'll also have the opportunity to download the product catalog and installation guide for more information about your well house convector. Making an informed purchase is essential to your operation, as it saves you time and money, and we're here to help you do it. Our friendly customer care team is quick to respond to your inquiries if you have any additional questions. 

We ship all products fast and free in the lower 48 states, and we offer expedited shipping at check out. This can be combined with special pricing on bulk orders—please contact us if you're preparing to place a high-volume order. Our low, factory-direct pricing is a reflection of our trusted partnerships with leading HVAC manufacturers, as well as our ability to maintain a large inventory of units and replacement parts. Our products are always new, never used or refurbished. 

The HVAC industry is rich in innovation and solutions to meet specific needs. We're proud to be able to offer so many options, so you can find the one that truly works for you, rather than the one that makes you say, "I guess this will do." If you know exactly what you're looking for already, search for it by part number. 

NorthStock is your go-to supplier for all things heating, cooling, and ventilation. Contact us to learn more about electric well house heaters, other HVAC solutions, and replacement parts, or place your order today.