There are a number of applications where permanent cooling solutions aren't possible, or the standard cooling system isn't enough. Manufacturing facilities, athletic events, shops and garages, restaurant and home patios, agricultural facilities, construction sites, and other environments benefit from portable evaporative coolers. Since 1990, Portacool has established itself as a world leader in highly effective cost-efficient portable cooling, and you'll find Portacool AC units in all those situations and more.

At NorthStock, Inc., we're proud to be a distributor of Portacool evaporative coolers. We offer a wide range of AC models and Portacool parts to ensure you get the cooling power you need for your application.

High temperatures are uncomfortable during work and recreation, but that heat can also be dangerous. It can lead to heat illness or cause distraction and an inability to focus on the tasks at hand. Cooling solutions are often thought about in terms of comfort, but they're also a matter of safety on the athletic field, at a concert or other event, in the office, or in the workshop. Portacool has a unique understanding of those safety needs, and of how different environments call for different cooling solutions—and there's a portable cooler to match every one of them.
Portacool is dedicated to enhancing comfort and safety with durable cooling solutions. Portacool AC owners can rely on these units to stand the test of time, and the company offers outstanding customer support when you need it most.

With a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Portacool is leading the way in evaporative cooling in more ways than one. The company values innovation, and they innovate with an understanding of why they're doing it: temperature control is essential for many of life's biggest moments. If you've ever been tempted to leave a backyard family gathering because it was too hot, considered removing your child from an athletic event because you were worried about his or her safety in the heat of the day, or experienced a diminished ability to do your job amidst heat fatigue, you understand where they're coming from and why it matters.

Portacool also knows that effective cooling can help companies save money. A comfortable working environment reduces accidents and injuries (and the associated insurance and workers' comp claims) that can be caused by high temperature conditions, and it helps maintain your production output because employees aren't being hindered by the heat.

NorthStock, Inc. is proud to carry Portacool evaporative coolers and Portacool parts. Contact us to learn more about these cost-effective, highly efficient portable coolers or to place your order.