Assisted living facilities, dormitories, and apartment buildings face unique temperature control challenges. Since 1966, First Co. has been rising to meet those challenges, establishing itself as a leader in multi-family HVAC design, engineering, and manufacturing. Today, First Company air conditioners are trusted all over the world.

All First Co. products are made in Dallas, Texas, in a state-of-the-art 550,000-square-foot facility by an experienced, highly-skilled team. At NorthStock, we're proud to carry First Co. air handlers, heat pumps, and replacement parts, including motors, coils, blower assemblies, drain pans, belts, and more. Browse our extensive selection and get to know this innovative HVAC manufacturer.

About First Co. Products

With a wide range of First Co. air handlers and more to choose from, you can find the ideal fit for your application. Choose from vertical water source heat pumps, like the WSV6 Series, or horizontal models, like the WSHC(X) Series. Both are available in nine sizes with copper or cupronickel heat exchangers, and they all use the environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

First Co. products are made to last, and they're built with thoughtful features that allow for easy installation, use, and maintenance. The 75TD3003 30SPXC3-HP First Co. Heat Pump, for example, is completely pre-wired and self-contained with a wall sleeve for quick installation. The filter is easy to access, and fan delay offers improved efficiency. This upflow/horizontal air handler offers an automatic pump timer, a high-efficiency variable-speed motor, an easy-access check valve, and primary and secondary drains.

Meanwhile, this wall or closet recessed air handler features a high-efficiency ECM motor, a fully insulated cabinet and factory-installed filter, and factory-installed electric heat. Options include a bottom return air kit and a louvered wall panel for recessed mounting. The 18WCX12-BB Condenser is a through-the-wall split condensing unit, available in a variety of compact sizes to fit existing wall openings. It's fully accessible from the back for simplified care and maintenance.

With hundreds of units to choose from, you can find a First Co. air handler to manage your unique environment. As a company that specializes in multi-family applications, First Co. thinks of everything when designing and manufacturing their products, from size and accessibility to efficiency and quiet operation. In addition to First Co. AC units, we carry replacement parts and accessories, including First Co. thermostats, drain pans, compressors, toggle switches, motors, belts, control boards, timers, and more. 

First Co.'s commitment to excellence and innovation is evidenced by their ongoing investments in new technology, including two Psychrometric Chamber Test Systems, allowing them to ensure product efficiency and reliability under stringent compliance standards, and a Continuous Improvement Center, where they employ the latest and greatest quality testing systems and processes. With a focus on customer product specialization, they're equipped to manufacture small production runs on customized units as well as high-volume production runs on their extensive line of commercial and residential air handlers ranging from ¾ ton to 20 tons. 

At NorthStock, we value our long-standing relationship with this manufacturer and appreciate their commitment to providing high-quality products along with world-class customer service. Many of their employees have been with them for 30 years or more, and the engineering department boasts more than 150 years of combined experience in HVAC design. Not only does this mean you can rest assured that your products are being built by the best, it also indicates that the company provides a supportive work environment where employees feel safe, valued, and have the opportunity to advance their careers. 

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