During cold weather, construction sites, special event locations, and other indoor and outdoor environments require a heating solution as a matter of both comfort and safety. Again and again, employers and event organizers turn to rugged, reliable solutions from top manufacturers like Patron. Known for being the safest and most reliable heaters in North America, Patron heaters feature durable construction and a sealed motor. Overheat protection at 104 degrees Fahrenheit keeps them cool during operation, and they can produce a lot of heat quickly. 

The E series fan-forced Patron electric heaters are an industry-leading series ranging in size from 5,100 Btu/Hr to 205,000 Btu/Hr, making it easy for you to find the right unit for your application. Browse our inventory to learn more about this incredible lineup and how a Patron space heater can meet your needs for construction or special event heating, as well as for a variety of indoor environments.

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About Patron Heaters

Patron heaters are constructed in Finland, and Patron Products Inc. (Canada) and Patron Products USA Inc. were both acquired by Rentquip Canada Limited in 2010. The seamless transition allowed the company to continue the tradition of excellence it started in 1991, and NorthStock is proud to be a distributor of these efficient, high-quality portable electric heaters. 

The largest models are on wheels, while the smaller models are relatively lightweight and feature a handle for easy maneuverability. These UL-approved units all have a durable steel casing with powder coating, stainless jacketed heating coils, and uni-directional fan. Some models must be hardwired into the building's electrical system, while others have a cord and plug.  

While typical space heaters might be used to warm the area around a desk or another small space where people are working, for example, Patron space heaters are designed to circulate warm air throughout the entire room. These units can be used as a supplemental heating source during the coldest times of the year, and they're efficient and reliable enough to be used as a primary heat source in certain environments. The smallest 240V Patron space heater produces twice as much heat as a typical 120V heater, making it ideal for heating, drying, and ventilating. 

No matter which unit you choose, you can rely on Patron heaters to provide effective, efficient heating for the long term. 

At NorthStock, all our Patron heaters are listed with clear photos, descriptions, availability and lead time, and product literature to help you make an informed purchase. We combine low, factory-direct pricing on new (never used or refurbished) heaters with fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. For bulk orders, we also offer high-volume pricing; please contact us in advance. 

When you order a Patron electric heater, you'll be asked to confirm whether you have the appropriate electrical service for the unit and to acknowledge that these heater orders are not returnable or cancelable. 

NorthStock is proud to include Patron heaters among our extensive inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and replacement parts. Contact us to learn more about this efficient, reliable brand, or how we can help you with all your HVAC needs.