Commercial and industrial cabinet wall exhaust fans are common in bathrooms, workshops, garages, warehouses, schools, gyms, and more. While they share many benefits with roof-mounted fans, wall-mounted fans are used when there's no practical way to exhaust through the ceiling/roof—on the first floor of a multi-story building, for example. They mount to the exterior wall and push the air directly outside. Industrial cabinet wall-mount exhaust fans remove humidity and odors to protect both your employees and your equipment. They're simple, efficient, affordable, and easy to install.

When selecting your commercial cabinet wall mount fan, you'll be able to choose between belt and direct drive versions in a variety of sizes. Choose a fan with shutters for greater control over your ventilation, or to seal the opening when the fan isn't in use to prevent back drafts and protect against the weather. For hazardous locations, you can choose a spark-proof fan built specifically for those environments. We carry a wide range of exhaust fans from industry-leading manufacturers. Browse our extensive inventory:

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Cabinet Wall-Mount Exhaust Fans

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