Climate control in your commercial and industrial facilities is a matter of safety, comfort, and productivity. As a world leader in radiant heaters and fan convectors, Myson understands what's at stake for your company and what a difference the right climate solutions can make for your bottom line. With a wide range of discreet, efficient, healthy, and reliable heating and cooling systems, Myson parts and units are trusted around the world in offices, retail spaces, fitness clubs, and more. 

NorthStock is a proud distributor of Myson parts, including radiator parts, fan convector parts, and more. Take a closer look at our selection or search by part number:

About Myson Parts

As part of one of the oldest companies in Finland, Myson has a history of driving innovation and focusing on the high quality standards that customers have come to trust and rely upon. They have steadily evolved to meet their customers' needs over the decades, and they're not stopping now. The company upholds ISO 9001:2008 standards in their facilities to ensure exceptional quality management throughout the manufacturing process, along with ISO 14001:2004 standards as evidence of their commitment to environmental sustainability. Long-time customers know that a Myson unit is built for efficiency over years of operation. 

This brand's wide range of radiant heaters and fan convectors, turnkey solutions, and technical support are second-to-none. Their radiant panel heating is commonly used for ice and snow melting and supplemental heating; the PEXtrac systems are discreet, versatile, and ideal for rooms that don't have the floor or wall space for bulky heating units. Each of their several fan convector series are designed for high heat output, flexible control options, easy installation, and quiet operation. Their kickspace fan convectors provide up to 9,949 Btu/hr, depending upon the model, and are built for long-lasting climate control. While functionality is of primary importance, Myson doesn't overlook aesthetics and how a heating or cooling system can change the look and feel of the entire room. When kickspace or floor panel heating isn't an option, their Decor radiator is sleek and modern, and they have a portfolio of specialty solutions designed for entryways, lobbies, sports facilities, and more. 

For the customer's peace of mind, Myson offers warranties on their products, including 10 years on radiators and fan convector heat exchangers, three years on fan assemblies, and one year on other fan convector parts. Most of their towel warmer series have a 10-year warranty, as well, with a two-year warranty on valves, controls, and accessories. 

Myson is a member of the eighth-generation family-owned Rettig ICC group of companies based in Helsinki, Finland, with North American distribution headquarters in Vermont. Their exceptional fan convectors, electric radiators, underfloor heating systems, and more are manufactured in 15 different facilities established in 11 countries around the world. Their products reach happy customers in more than 50 countries, and NorthStock is one of the elite sales teams responsible for providing Myson parts to meet HVAC needs in North America. 

These products are built to last, but when you need a replacement part or an upgrade, we have you covered. Myson parts and accessories include circuit boards, control kits, fan speed switches, condensate pump kits, filters, grills, and more. At NorthStock, we offer a large selection of fan convector parts and radiator parts, and we'll ship them to you fast and free in the lower 48 states. We're committed to providing the widest possible range of heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions at competitive, factory-direct prices. Contact us to learn more about Myson parts, including fan convector parts and radiator parts, and place your order today.